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r Customer,
Thank you for your interest in our products.
At delta T and we are dedicated to developing thermal stabilizing elements and insulated boxes to maintain
sensitive products at specific temperatures.
Whenever you need to transport a thermo-sensitive life science product we can offer you a suitable solution.
We have been developing, designing and producing since year 2000 in our headquarter facility 60 km north of
Frankfurt, Germany in Fernwald.
Our customers include a number of well-known global players in the pharmaceutical
industry and pharmaceutical distributors.
In addition, we have customers ranging from biotech companies, clinical trials and blood banks, as well as,
research institutes and logistic companies.
Our products are sold and used worldwide.
In this Product Overview, you will find the technical details for all our standard products that fulfill most
transport requirements.
When you have decided on the most suitable combinations for your needs, please contact us with your
required dimensions,
the storage temperature and the required transport time of your products.
Along with these standard products, we have already established many tailor-made and customer-specific
transport solutions.
On request, we will send you more information in greater detail.
We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.
The sales team of delta T

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