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do the delta T Fluids work?

First, the elements must be pre-cooled for a certain period of time until the uid is solid.
This will occur when the temperature is at least 2°C below the uid’s melting point. The
pre-cooling time is depends on the number of uid elements present, and the overall
performance of the elements heavily relies on the transport box/bag they are paired with.
With small numbers of elements, overnight cooling should be su cient. If you have any
questions regarding the precooling process, please feel free to contact us.

Once the elements are solid
they are placed into the
insulated bag/box and are
ready for transport. During
thawing, which, for example
occurs at -30°C for the orange
elements, the temperature
will remain constant until the
entire element contents are
lique ed.

How long will the temperature stay

As long as desired! We are able to con gure a transport system with over 120 hours run
time. The duration depends on the combination of the insulation packaging and uid
elements and by doubling the amount of uid elements, it will roughly double the time
of transport. If we know your product dimensions, we can con gure the correct system
with the desired running time.

Temperature Transport Time




Ts Zeit

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